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Double Cross Utility Kilt by Kilt This Steampunk Goth Floor Length Utility Kilt by Kilt This   Vests n Suits by Kilt This Kilt This T Shirts Custom Utility Kilts Made USA Leather KiltsFront Panels for Kilt This Utility Kilts

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Snap Kilt Modern Utility Kilt Adjustable Custom Fit Interchangeable Front Panels

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GEAR Steampunk Fetish Utility Kilts


Serena Laws and Cris Stanton are the Kilt Girls aka Kilt This. 2 Women that run their whole business themselves and maintain control instead of mass producing their designs. They don't advertise, their fame came word of mouth via the internet. They specialize is custom made, high quality utility kilts. If it doesn't say, "Kilt This," on the photos of this design, you are being fooled by Pakistan knockoff manufacturers. Kilt This strives to bring you high quality, handmade utility kilts. This is the Kilt Girls striving to maintain high quality garments in the USA. One small business that is thriving. Be part of the dream. Delivery time is 9-11 weeks.

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